The GAME of LIFE Mastery Program


The LIVE GAME of LIFE Mastery Program
Based on The GAME of LIFE Workbook by Kate Large & Florence Scovel Shinn



"The GAME of LIFE Mastery Program gave me a surplus of tools that changed my life!
I've made more progress since I started this program than in the previous 20 years!"
~ Amy Goguen

"My a-ha moment was recognizing the many different types of emotions under the umbrella of "fear". I was able to shift with the tools taught to the love energy quite quickly." ~ Camille P

"I took the class because when I read Florence's book, it blew me away. I knew the concepts from my other work, but she had a way of expressing them so simply, but powerfully, that I couldn't put her book down. So when you offered the class, I knew I had to take it. I didn't know what to expect, but I got way, way more than I ever dreamed." ~ Mary Jo C

"Kate put my spiritual growth on steroids." ~ Dominikija P

"Every time I experience the course, I get more out of it. I'm getting just what I need each time I participate." ~ Barbie P

"This program helped me to shift out of old patterning, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that have been blocking me from living a full life. I have seen and experienced firsthand the power of my beliefs and the universe joining and creating synchronicities and events occurring for my highest good." ~ Dawn PA